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Note To Mr. Lincoln

Dear Mr. Lincoln of the United States of America,
This is General Lee, of the Confederate States of America, and even though we are on opposite sides of the war, I would like to talk to you, one man to another. The issue near to my heart is one that is carelessness in your army. As a Westpoint graduate, I am a very militarized man, so I believe that all promotions in any army must be done with utmost precision and care, as to not make the rank of a soldier meaningless. It has come to my awareness that there are four regiments that plan to have everyone in their regiment promoted. I believe that these regiments are not worthy of promotion doing to the fact that, despite outnumbering our Confederate forces two to one, the only victory they gained was by the inefficiency of one of our southern regiment leaders. I know that we are on opposite sides of the war, but sometimes, the wisest course of action is to listen to those who’s side you are not on. Speaking of which, it has recently come…

Battle of Gettysburg- War Blog 1863

Collaboration by James Shea and Kenny Nguyen

The Battle of Gettysburg. 1863
Monsieur General Meade
Monsieur Reynolds
In command where I belong
How do I say, no sweat
We're finally on the field, we've given them quite a run
We get the job done
So what happens if we win?
We move onto Virginia
We'll bring freedom to the slaves, when we're given the chance
I won't be with you when you do, so go lead your men
Will I see you on the other side?
When we next meet again, let's go!

We are not throwin' away our shot!
We are not throwin' away our shot!
Hey yo, we're just like our country, we're brash
Bold and scrappy
and we are not throwin' away our shot!
We are not throwin' away our shot!

'Till the war turns upside down!

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
This is where it gets me: on my feet

War Blogs 1862-Ironclads Poem

Ironclads Monitor vs Virginia The Iron was a deadly pad the first true time, 2 engines in their prime the newest warfare, no one was left in a watery grave this time.  As the 2 engines clashed,  2 hours had passed,  and left nothing but the smell of smoked in it's past.  Off Hampton roads, the weather would corrode,  a path to victory, along with new line of code.  the plans, to get one of these ships unmanned.  These giants, stomped the road for the new age,  naval warfare, pushed to the new phase,  amaze them at the sight of the new sleek ships set sale,  and the older ships were forced to bail.  Faster artillery, would never happen if the south didn't secede Till the next battle dawns, the CSA will not be Fauns,  but usher in the tactics and win naval war against Unionist pawns.
Welcome... to the new age-General Lee

Blog Set 1861-James Shea

To my dear wife:

        I appreciate your support in my command at the Army of Northern Virginia. Although this war pains me, I am happy at my place right hand to President Jefferson Davis. I am here to tell you about a most interesting event. I was not here to appreciate the battle tactics, I plan to explain it to you in detail. In the town of Manassas, we were just waiting for a union attack on July 6, 1861. They started by approaching the railroad at Manassas, a force of about 22,000 confederates moved to stop them. Our commanding general at the time was tipped off, which enabled him to create an 8 mile long line, and thus the battle began. The Union crashed into the left flank to throw off our " Little" rebellion. As we fell back, they collected tokens of our fallen men, thinking the war was almost over, As the Union approached us, their new pups with their shiny never been used weapons tried to finish it, but General Jackson earned his nickname "stonewall " a…


Yo I am general Lee, of the confederacy

I will beat the union like The Battle of 1st Manassas , Ya see?
I’m not an abolitionist but i believe that slaves are inferior to you and me, And I wish to destroy the blockade with a motorized Naval Battery Wait, take a step back, who am I, The man who watched his soldiers die, all I could do is keep the tears out of my eyes, through the unionist lies, almost as though dixie will be Our CSA last battle cry The All A’s, No demerits, Top of my class in West Point USMA. With my First Class, Tactics and then you better pray When We seceded the Union we deployed Our never ending stay And then like nylon rope our loyalty won’t fray
And to my wife, the perfect women in my life My unwavering devotion will not be ended with a knife And I promise, Please be with me, Even if we lose this war, I will see you to safety. I will do what it takes, make millions of mistakes, like the yanks as i crushed through their ranks on the banks o…