Battle of Gettysburg- War Blog 1863

Collaboration by James Shea and Kenny Nguyen

The Battle of Gettysburg. 1863
Monsieur General Meade
Monsieur Reynolds
In command where I belong
How do I say, no sweat
We're finally on the field, we've given them quite a run
We get the job done
So what happens if we win?
We move onto Virginia
We'll bring freedom to the slaves, when we're given the chance
I won't be with you when you do, so go lead your men
Will I see you on the other side?
When we next meet again, let's go!

We are not throwin' away our shot!
We are not throwin' away our shot!
Hey yo, we're just like our country, we're brash
Bold and scrappy
and we are not throwin' away our shot!
We are not throwin' away our shot!

'Till the war turns upside down!

I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory
This is where it gets me: on my feet
On the first day of fighting
Since this is the end of me, at least I have someone to replace me
A good man with two hands, and the men with him...
Then I remember my fiancee was expecting me...
Not only that, my fiancee was expecting me!
We gotta go, gotta win this one
Gotta reform the nation, gotta meet Lincoln's son!

Get low onto the ground!


Low onto the ground!


We go undercover and we move without a sound,
Through three days, we have one shot to live another day
We cannot let their artillery blow us all away
When General Lee tries to charge, seize the moment and stay in it
Then Lee's forces will be at the business end of a bayonet
The Union will shout "Gettysburg," dig me?


You have your orders now, move without a word!
And so the new American experiment begins
With my officers all scattered to the wind
Sherman's will be South Carolina
To redefine bravery

The slaves are all free, Lincoln just ended slavery!
When we finally drive the Rebels away!
We will send them running back to Virgin-I-A

How did we know that this plan would work?
We had a spy on the inside, Thomas Ward Junior!

A corporal spyin' on the Rebel government!
I take their information, their plans and then I smuggle it
Up to my brother's Unionary covenant
I'm running the USA and I am lovin' it!
See, that's what happens when you up against the Federals
We gonna win Gettysburg, we don't take reb trash, not one bit of it!
Thomas Ward Jr., I need no introduction
When you knock us down, we get the fudge back up again!

After three days of fighting, a young man in a gray coat stands on a picket fence

(Reynolds from Heaven)
They lower their guns as they run away screaming.

And just like that it's over. We tend to our wounded, we bury our dead.

Black and white soldiers wonder alike if this really means freedom

Not. Yet

TBD in 1865...


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