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To my dear wife:

        I appreciate your support in my command at the Army of Northern Virginia. Although this war pains me, I am happy at my place right hand to President Jefferson Davis. I am here to tell you about a most interesting event. I was not here to appreciate the battle tactics, I plan to explain it to you in detail. In the town of Manassas, we were just waiting for a union attack on July 6, 1861. They started by approaching the railroad at Manassas, a force of about 22,000 confederates moved to stop them. Our commanding general at the time was tipped off, which enabled him to create an 8 mile long line, and thus the battle began. The Union crashed into the left flank to throw off our " Little" rebellion. As we fell back, they collected tokens of our fallen men, thinking the war was almost over, As the Union approached us, their new pups with their shiny never been used weapons tried to finish it, but General Jackson earned his nickname "stonewall " as he stood fast against the Union, they were forced back in a panicked wave. Our minnie balls were firing from our rifled muskets, and our cartridge boxes were quickly emptying. We Were able to push our advantage, and as our general ordered to press the attack, new forces came to aid us, and we crushed through their ranks, and forced them to trample upon the picnickers, and we showed them we are not a small rebellion, but a foe to be reckoned.

I love you and pray for your safety,

General Lee


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