Yo I am general Lee, of the confederacy

I will beat the union like The Battle of 1st Manassas , Ya see?

I’m not an abolitionist but i believe that slaves are inferior to you and me,
And I wish to destroy the blockade with a motorized Naval Battery
Wait, take a step back, who am I, The man who watched his soldiers die, all I could do is keep the tears out of my eyes, through the unionist lies, almost as though dixie will be Our CSA last battle cry
The All A’s, No demerits, Top of my class in West Point USMA.
With my First Class, Tactics and then you better pray
When We seceded the Union we deployed Our never ending stay
And then like nylon rope our loyalty won’t fray

And to my wife, the perfect women in my life
My unwavering devotion will not be ended with a knife
And I promise, Please be with me, Even if we lose this war, I will see you to safety. I will do what it takes, make millions of mistakes, like the yanks as i crushed through their ranks on the banks of the battlefield. Waiting for explosions, maybe ...torpedo implosions.  

And..As A confederate, it was my duty, to reform and change the tactics of the war. As the Copperheads tried to stop the Anaconda plan I thought, “Man, Maybe Blockade Runners could get some things that were contraband” It was a terrible plan. Am I a terrible man?

My aggressiveness was my downfall, With desertion, I resorted to assassination, with the Emancipation, The border states were not applied, as though they were a separate nation, We wanted that but instead we were considered rebel Insubordinations.

I could do nothing to help our terrible rations, It was my passion, to have us all fed well, but as the sulters started to sell, I thought it would help our soldiers from living in..well I guess them foraging for Hardtack and salt pork broke my heart, but for a start, those dirty vendors, You knew you would profit, But I won’t call you smart! I believe you will go down, and when you do, I hope I can take you off your crown.
My pride and my joy: The Virginian Army, the best calvary, least casualties, The recruits could shoot a cartridge box of minie balls with the greatest of ease. The Best drafted, outlasted, drilled by day, so that a battle was a new game to play, Mostly Infantry, Once led by me, General Lee, I hated when Grant took my legion from me!
I Remember the last battle very well, 2nd manassas was swell, I enveloped their flanks and their main attack failed, as they were pushed against the rail, they knew they had to bail, but first the ironclads set sail…
The first true time, an engine in it’s prime, a beauty, second only to my lovers eyes, what a surprise, when the Union devised, a plan to crush my Ships Iron sides.
But enough about me, who are you? Will you fight for your cause like I used to do? When I look, will history remember you? If there is one thing I know son, No matter the cause, Stay true.


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  2. This is amazing!!! Where is your 1861 blog?


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