War Blogs 1862-Ironclads Poem

Monitor vs Virginia
The Iron was a deadly pad
the first true time, 2 engines in their prime
the newest warfare, no one was left in a watery grave this time. 
As the 2 engines clashed,  2 hours had passed,
 and left nothing but the smell of smoked in it's past. 
Off Hampton roads, the weather would corrode, 
a path to victory, along with new line of code. 
the plans, to get one of these ships unmanned. 
These giants, stomped the road for the new age, 
naval warfare, pushed to the new phase, 
amaze them at the sight of the new sleek ships set sale, 
and the older ships were forced to bail. 
Faster artillery, would never happen if the south didn't secede
Till the next battle dawns, the CSA will not be Fauns,
 but usher in the tactics and win naval war against Unionist pawns.

Welcome... to the new age-General Lee


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